Konichiwa and welcome to the Harajuku Boutique!

We are a UK-based online firm, creating one-of-a-kind Harajuku-inspired jewellery to compliment your quirky Tokyo style! Our online boutique www.harajukuboutique.co.uk showcases our unique jewellery designs and creations. You will find all kinds of kitsch and kawaii delights among our handmade resin 'Wagashi' range with original japanese-inspired designs We also offer an exclusive 'Sushi' jewellery range and a variety of other cute jewellery with a Japanese influence.

Perfect for cosplayers and kawaii Harajuku girls!!!!

We run regular giveaways, competitions and exclusive deals, so keep in touch with us! Look out for exclusive offers and updates on our latest products, as well as details of our stalls at markets and japanese events across London and the South of England.

Visit the online boutique: www.harajukuboutique.co.uk

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